Add More Energy and Life to Your Pet!

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Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are required for their health

  • Supports Soft & Shiny Coat
  • Decreases Shedding
  • Relieves Dry & Itchy Skin
  • Promotes Heart Health
  • Supports Immune System
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Helps Relieve Allergies
  • Lubricates Joints

Pharmaceutical Human Grade
Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats

Softer & Shinier Coat

Reduces itching and conditions dry skin for a soft, shiny coat

Boosts Immunity

Supports the immune system to fight and prevent disease

Increases Vitality

Increases energy to support a healthy and active lifestyle

Adds More Years

Potentially extends the life of your pet by providing essential nutrition

Pharmaceutical Human Grade Quality

From beginning to end, our process is expertly designed to result in the most effective supplements you’ll ever purchase for your pet. Our fish oils are extracted at low temperatures to preserve the fatty acids. The oils are then distilled using our unique, state-of-the-art process — molecular-distillation.

It takes just 45 seconds at 250º C or 482º F under high vacuum conditions. This speedy process removes toxins, impurities and heavy metals without compromising the incredibly potent qualities of the fish oils.

Purity Pupplelents® — All Natural Fish Oils for Dogs & Cats

4.5/5 stars •

19 reviews

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Bottled to Guarantee Potency and Purity

Over time, fish oil can break down plastic containers, causing toxic chemicals to leech into the product. We never package our products in plastic bottles for this very reason. Our unique, brushed aluminum bottles are finished with hardened epoxy that will not break down.

Our Mission

The mission of Purity Pupplements™ is to provide all natural, high quality products to support the longevity and quality of life of your pets.

Dogs, cats, horses and other animals need Omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA for optimal, whole body health. These fatty acids are not created within the animal's body — they must be a daily part of a healthy diet. Omega 3 fatty acids quickly break down in pet foods, making it impossible for your pets to consistently get enough in their meals. That's where Purity Pupplements™ comes in.

Get a FREE bottle for your pet
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Pure, Natural and Effective

With so many choices on the market of varying quality, Purity Pupplements™ is committed to providing the purest and most effective supplements available for pets.

Our fish oils are derived from fish imported from the pure, virtually pollution-free glacial waterways of Norway and Iceland. Cool extraction preserves the fatty acids so your pets can enjoy the benefits of fresh fish with each pump.

Product of Norway & Iceland

Bottled in USA

Our promise

Before Purity Pupplements™ was founded, we made a promise and commitment to ourselves, our customers and the pets that would consume our supplements. That promise was simply to offer the best, all natural supplements available from our green, God given earth.

Our promise and commitment to you and your pet remains the same as when we started. We promise only to offer the finest, purest and all natural supplements for your pets under the Purity Pupplements™ brand.

Purity Pupplelents® — All Natural Fish Oils for Dogs & Cats

4.5/5 stars •

19 reviews

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