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Esmé L
August 19, 2018

My doggy loves to scarf down her kibble when it's mixed with this oil! We were using another salmon oil previously that did not call itself "de-scented" and it was definitely *much* more stinky. This one is not completely odorless (how would that even be totally possible guys it's SALMON OIL), but it's not off-putting either. My dog's bowl is in a narrow hallway and she doesn't always eat her food all at once -- if there's food remaining for a few hours, we don't smell the oil when we walk by, as we used to with the stinkier salmon oil brand. Can't say she sheds any less since we started with it (St. Bernard/Golden Retriever mix ... so she is pretty much as furry as it gets ... plus it's summer shedding season), but she's healthy and shiny and happy! I will be buying this again soon!

August 21, 2018

This is good stuff! This is our second bottle, so that should tell you something. It really is odorless and I have noticed an improvement in our senior Shih Tzu's coat! The easy pump bottle makes it easy, just one pump on top of her food every day for our little girl and that's it, no need for measuring spoons. I know it is good for many things, but the coat is where we can really see the benefit! It's thicker, shinier and she just all around healthier looking!

August 21, 2018

Bought a 8 oz bottle June 2016 after doing some research and talking to the vet about my kitty's stiffness. I give 1 pump to my aging kitty daily with her wet food. Doesn't smell as strong as other fish oil brands, which she has turned her nose up to in the past. Bought this specifically because of the high EPA content and storing in aluminum is supposed to help with potency when storing vs plastic bottles. Has really helped with easing her arthritis, she's moving more and even willingly using the stairs. Bonus has been a healthoer, shiny coat. Just buying bottle #2 now, so #1 lasted about 15 months. Highly recommend.

August 21, 2018

Great salmon oil! No fishy smell, container and pump are awesome and best of all this oil does NOT upset my pooches stomach like others we have tried. Her coat is shiny and soft and no longer feels like petting a bale of hay. Does not make her smell like a fish either.

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